Blackberry Without a Plan

How Do I Get a Blackberry Without a Plan?

I have been asked a number of times how and where to get a Blackberry without a plan or contract so I decided to add my own suggestions.  Having worked in the wireless field for years, I found that there are a number of ways to do this but the costs vary considerably.

Who Would Need a Blackberry Without a Plan or Contract?

This situation often occurs when someone already has service but is not eligible for an upgrade or renewal.  Others may just want to buy a new phone without extending his/her contract.  Lastly, some just really want a certain phone and want to buy it right away.

Buying a Blackberry device, or any cell phone for that matter, without a plan costs much more.  Why?  Well, to put it simply, the cell phone service providers such as Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T make their money on the 1 or 2 year contracts and plans.  They also often sell their Blackberry models and other cell phones for less then they buy them for in order to earn the customers business because the money is in the plans and not the phones.

So, Where I Should Buy a Blackberry Without a Contract or Plan?

As mentioned earlier, prices can vary considerably depending on where you look to buy a cell phone or Blackberry outright.  Here are a list of places that you can find just the phone with no commitment to a plan or contract.  Just make sure the phone is either unlocked or is compatible with your service provider.  For example, a CDMA Blackberry would not work with a T-Mobile GSM customer’s SIM card.

  1. Amazon.com-  Amazon has a huge selection of Blackberry phones including the Tour, Bold, Storm, Curve, and Pearl all without a plan.  They also offer a trusted and well known return/exchange policy which is extremely important for any online purchase.  Due to their size, they can usually offer a discounted price since they buy in such bulk.
  2. eBay.com-  eBay has a great deal of handsets including many Blackberry models.  You can buy one immediately using the Buy Now feature or by bidding.  Pay close attention to the sellers ratings and return/exchange policy.  Also, make sure you are getting a NEW Blackberry and not a used or refurbished one.
  3. BestBuy.com-  BestBuy has a pretty good selection of Blackberry phones without plans but I have found them to be a bit expensive.
  4. Wireless Dealer Store-  Many companies such as T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T have stores in malls and other locations in many towns and cities.  Although they usually offer Blackberry phones without service, they always push to sell plans which usually keeps the pricing on the ones without plans on the high side.
  5. Craigslist.com-  Craigslist or other similar sites can be a good place to find a Blackberry device.  Again, just make sure it is new and not refurbished and that you are buying exactly what is stated in the ad.

Over the years I have bought a few Blackberry devices without a contract from Amazon and decided to list some of the most popular models here.  These are all priced without a contract or plan and can be purchased by clicking on any of the links below.  Please check the link for pricing accuracy, as this can change quickly without notice.  This is also a small list, if you don’t see the model or company you are looking for, just click the link and use the search to find it.

BlackBerry Tour 9630 (Verizon) $499.99

BlackBerry Storm 9530 (Verizon) $499.99

BlackBerry Bold 9000 (AT&T) $499.99

BlackBerry Curve 8900 (T-Mobile) $399.99

BlackBerry Pearl 8100 Black (T-Mobile) $288.96

Blackberry 8830 Phone (Sprint) $445.74

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