How to Fix Blackberry Trackball Scroll Issues

BlackBerry trackball won’t scroll up?  BlackBerry trackball won’t scroll down?  This common issue is not fun to deal with when it happens.  However, there are some steps you can take to fix your BlackBerry scrolling issues.  Instead of throwing your phone in frustration or going out and buying a new one, read the following suggestions and hopefully your track ball will begin to move freely again.

  1. Lock your device.  Next, try pressing in on the trackball, and roll it in the direction it won’t go. Try it several times and roll it in every direction possible.  You are trying to loosen up any particles that may have jammed the trackball.
  2. Get an old toothbrush, put it over the trackball, and press the bristles in a bit and kept turning the toothbrush around the trackball.
  3. Use a can of air and alcohol on a q tip to clean it.
  4. Lock your BlackBerry and put if face down on a piece of paper or on a pad.  Rub the phone up and down continuously for a minute or two.  Many times this will dislodge any particles that are causing the problem.
  5. As a last option, remove your trackball so you can clean it or replace it.  Just keep in mind, this will void your warranty if you have one.  Here is a quick video that shows how to replace it and fix your scroll issues:

Time for a new BlackBerry or other phone?

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Hopefully by trying the above suggestions your BlackBerry trackball will start to scroll up, down, left, and right! Did this work for you? Do you have any other solutions?


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  2. My|Phone User says:

    This article was very helpful! I’m not a BB user, but my phone has it’s trackball too, i thought i’ll be bringing this to shop for repair, but thank God i search for it. :) THANKS

  3. Baffoe Junior says:

    I used an old toothbrush and it really worked for me. My trackball now moves in all directions.

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