How to Use BlackBerry Internet

Trying to figure out how to use the Internet browsing function on your BlackBerry phone?  Wishing you could surf the web and view your favorite sites in the palm of your hand?  BlackBerry devices have evolved to handle a number of functions at your fingertips including the ability to access the Internet. BlackBerry Internet has been around since 1998, although it was not a commonly used feature for it’s first few years. As each year has passed, more and more consumers are now using or are interesting in accessing the Internet from their handsets. Here are some necessary steps to take so you can start using the Internet on your BlackBerry device.

  1. Add a data plan to your service. Cell phone data plans allow certain smart phones to access the Internet and email. Each service provider has different costs so check with them to see what best fits your needs. Be sure to understand and consider the amount of time and data you will be using on your device.
  2. Select the BlackBerry menu button to access the Internet or browser icon. The menu button is usually to the left of the trackball and has seven dots on it. The browser icon is a globe on many BlackBerry devices. Once in the menu, choose the “Show all” option to ensure all icons are present. To do this, hit the menu button a second time to find this option.
  3. Click on the browser or Internet icon to access the Internet. Again, this will look like a globe on most BlackBerry models. This will bring you to a screen that allows you to enter a web address directly.
  4. Enter the URL that you are looking for or enter in a keyword or phrase in the search bar. You can also access your history of websites visited on this screen. This provides an easy way to revisit any pages or sites that you had previously viewed.
  5. Navigate the website using your track ball or track pad. Feel free to click on links and surf the pages as you would on your computer. If you would like to go back one page, hit the menu button (with the seven dots) and select “back.” The same can be done to move forward if desired.

Keep in mind!

Speak to your service provider to discuss data plans in detail to prevent overage charges. These are the charges you will receive if you use more minutes, text messages, or data then your plan allows.  For example, I have an unlimited data plan through T-Mobile for under $30.  As a result, there will never be overage charges so I can use the internet and other data as often as I’d like.

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